Big Beautiful BARBIE

By: Liz McCallum – Founder of Big Beautiful Wellness

She is curvy, soft, voluptuous and REAL Bodied!

She is Big Beautiful BARBIE!

Our plastic little Lady was created in 1998 by The Body Shop and was named ‘Ruby’ ~  a shortened version of Rubenesque.

Look closely at this photo..

Ruby has rolls of soft flesh on her back, her arms and legs are full and OMG, she has a bulging, rounded stomach with the accompanying pounch. Our Ruby is a BIG GIRL.. and she is built like the MAJORITY of women in most parts of the world.

So,where is this fabulous toy? Where can we buy her for our daughters and sisters? We need to share her everywhere so that Full Figured Women can slowly begin to take dignity back. Society, media, the fashion and diet industries have hijacked our healthy perceptions of beauty for so long that many women can’t even look at their OWN bodies without feeling disgusted. It breaks my heart to hear womens stories every single day about how they live in skin they believe as betrayed them, when the betrayal never happened. They are Beautiful, Healthy, Active, FULL FIGURED women. Beautiful just the way they are, and they cannot see it in the mirror.

So, back to Ruby. I want to own one of these precious dolls. I want to hold her and share her with you. But, Ruby is not to be had.

Here is her story..

When Ruby first appeared for The Body Shop, she was first seen in the UK, and from there she made her way to Australia, Asia, and the United States. She was the anti-barbie!

The Body Shop, through Ruby, was intending to challenge current stereotypes of female beauty and to challenge the pervasive messages of the cosmetics industry. Ruby’s soft, curvy plastic body launched a global discussion about female self-esteem and body image.

Ruby was adored.. but not by everyone.

In the United States, the toy company Mattel sent a cease-and-desist order, demanding that all images of Ruby be removed. Why? Ruby made the REAL Barbie look bad, presumably by mocking the plastic stick-like bestseller. (It does have all the makings of classic high school girl / girl politics!)

In Hong Kong, images of Ruby were banned on the  Transit Railway because it was believed that she would offend passengers.

So, dear Ruby disappeared. A little plastic doll had to be hidden away because it offended and demeaned. Well, the truth is that OUR Ruby empowered and delighted. She is just a minor tool that women / teens/ and girls can turn to when the oppression gets too much.

Women, enough. Let’s go for a walk. Get active, Live Healthy, Participate. Don’t hide  your curves. Live in them! Let your RUBY out..

Ruby is a real doll.. just like us!