Body Image

Those Are Cool Pants

Sitting in the doctors office minding my own business, internally celebrating my non scale victory of the day. I fit in the office chairs with arms, not having the fear of taking the chair with me when I get up!

In walks a mother and her beautiful young daughter who was wearing these cute pink pants with a galaxy pattern on them. This very happy 7yr old girl plops down in the seat next to me with an enthusiastic “Hi!”. I return the greeting and add “I really like your pants, those are pretty cool.!”

The look of happiness leaves her face, she replies “These are my at home pants and I can only wear them when I’m out with my mom”. “Oh? I’d say those pants are for playing with your friends and having fun pants”. She looks up at me and says “I don’t have friends cause I’M FAT. I get laughed at and pushed at school when I wear them”. Continue reading

The Words We Use

By Kyla Palin

Growing up, I fell into the sort of middle ground between the popular group and the troubled kids. I was always stocky as a kid, then chubby as a teenager. My mother struggled with her weight her whole life, and when I started to develop, I did as well. Through high school I was heavy but active and pretty healthy. In university I struggled more, moving out on my own, gaining the freshman….ok it was a touch more than fifteen. Moved back home, lost the weight, married, babies, gained weight. Approaching my fortieth birthday now, and I seem to be hovering at my current weight and shape which I describe as doughboy yogi.
Why am I telling you all this, you ask?
I’m glad you asked. Continue reading

Hmmm what to wear?

By Teresa Power

Hmmm what to wear?

I would just stay here and have a nap next to you if I could

Rest my hand on your fleshy hip

You know that spot that is so soft , so malleable.

Yet I can’t… it’s off to work I go

Now, what to wear, what to wear….

I always thought that being a larger women I could make myself smaller by the clothes that I wore.

Don’t wear anything, bright. You know a closet full of brown, black, navy , beige.

Nothing stylish, you don’t want to stand out so people see how fat you are. You don’t want anything to hug your curves after all. Match the background of the office, you know grey baffles, grey desks, blue patchwork carpeting. Continue reading

A Fat Girl’s Travels – Seatbelt Extender

By Kyla Palin

Booking a flight to a fun destination is probably the best feeling in the world. And then it’s the most anxious for many of us. Being a person of size, travel, especially air travel can be the most stressful part of vacationing. And though something like 60% of Canadians are considered overweight or obese, airlines continue to cut costs by making seats smaller, and seatbelts shorter.

Over the years I have flown a lot. I’ve been overseas, I’ve flown major airlines and I’ve flown budget airlines. Continue reading