Kurvy Girl Yoga: Yoga for us Curvy Girls

Have you ever met someone and that meeting changes how you THINK?

That’s how I felt after meeting Allison Allen of The Healthy Diva / Kurvy Girl Yoga.

I’ve always felt intimidated with yoga classes. In my mind yoga was always for thinner and more flexible individuals.  I was looking for something to help with my flexibility, so I figured I’m a curvy gal, why not try Kurvy Girl Yoga?  It sounds right up my alley! Continue reading

Big Girls Can’t Run-Ya Right!

By Jodie Caldwell

First off I’m the type of girl that as soon as you say I can’t do something, I will work my darn dist to prove people wrong. So when I showed interest that my cousin ran the Warrior Dash and I was told I’d probably not like it or finish it cause it’s tough…THE FIRE WAS IGNITED!

I suckered my friend/coworker to run the Warrior Dash with me. For those of you that don’t know what this is, The Warrior Dash is a 6km obstacle race that takes place at the Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort every July. Continue reading