FAT Women Fighting

When the only thing we have in common is being FAT.. how do we build a supportive, accepting community?

It seems to me that there are too many FAT women telling other FAT women that the way they choose to LIVE in their FAT bodies is WRONG?!

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Something to Say

By Kyla Palin

Alright, I’ve got something to say and I’ve been searching for a way to explain it. Are you seated comfortably? Good. We’ll begin.  See, here’s the thing;

Seeing fashionable, well photographed, curvy models has altered my perception of my own beauty.

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Embrace the Human Landscape

By: Michaela Helliwell

I love looking at myself naked in the mirror.

I do it every morning, and sometimes at night. That sleepy walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning. Jammies stripped and put away. I wander past the mirror in my bathroom. I always stop and look at myself. Continue reading

Your Body Type Can Make or Break Sex

By Dr. Trina Read

“I deliberately overeat to give my body the most voluptuous contours I can acquire. Growing fatter is one of the most intensely sensuous things that I have ever experienced.” Margaret Deidre O’Hartingan

Over coffee I asked a friend what she found attractive about her boyfriend. A dreamy look crossed over her eyes while she explained his thighs were like tree trunks. Excitedly, she went on to say how she loved to watch him do squats at the gym with a lot of weight on the barbell because it made the veins in his legs and arms stand out. Luckily she was too far gone in her lust fueled daydream to notice my gagging reflex start up. Continue reading

A Fat Girl and Yoga

By Kyla Palin

Yoga isn’t supposed to fill you with rage and self-loathing right?

That thought, as it flashed through my mind, was the end of the line for me with my love affair with yoga. For a while. Continue reading

Every Body is a Yoga Body

by Tiina Veer, Founder of Yoga for Round Bodies™

There is a myth out there that one has to have a certain kind of body to do yoga. This is simply untrue. Yoga—if you’ll excuse the bad pun—is extremely flexible. It can be adapted for anyone. As the saying goes, “if you can breathe, you can do yoga.” Continue reading