Kurvy Girl Yoga: Yoga for us Curvy Girls

Have you ever met someone and that meeting changes how you THINK?

That’s how I felt after meeting Allison Allen of The Healthy Diva / Kurvy Girl Yoga.

I’ve always felt intimidated with yoga classes. In my mind yoga was always for thinner and more flexible individuals.  I was looking for something to help with my flexibility, so I figured I’m a curvy gal, why not try Kurvy Girl Yoga?  It sounds right up my alley!


Must admit I was a little nervous as I pulled up to her studio as I didn’t know what to expect. But the moment I walked into Allison’s studio I felt welcomed and the environment was a non-judgemental one.

I explained to Allison before we started my knees aren’t the greatest and were bugging me.  So she went to her back room and came out with this all natural ointment she made to help with joint discomfort. While waiting for the ointment to kick in I learned that Allison was not only a certified yoga instructor, she is a certified raw chef, a certified raw Nutritionist, among several other certifications under her belt.

After 20 minutes my knees felt great and I was feeling as limber as this gal could get! We started the session off with breathing exercises, then out came the cushions, and a chair to use as props for certain yoga positions. Allison taught me a few techniques to help get my lovely stomach out of the way which made some of the poses more comfortable. The chair was used for the downward dog pose and the child’s pose.

I was a little sceptical, but I was able to get the proper stretch and relaxation that should happen when you’re doing yoga thanks to the chair. It was nothing like my other attempts at yoga! Previously, I almost fell over – taking out the poor person next to me – or not being able to do a pose at all!

She was very patient with me and helpful with tailoring things to my specific body’s needs. I finally got to feel the benefits of what yoga is supposed to feel like without once feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious! I worked up a bit of a sweat and felt relaxed.

I actually think I might like yoga after all!!

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