All Places in ‘Toronto’

  • Send Out Cards

    Linda Butterworth We are an online greeting card and gift company with over 100 million personalized cards (and 3 million gifts) sent. So keep your circle positive. Say GOOD words. Think GOOD thoughts. Do GOOD deeds.

  • Velvet Mae Boudoir Photography

    Michaela Helliwell Boudoir photos are not just for the young and fit. They are an expression of beauty for all women, no matter your age, size or identity. It is our vision to encourage all women to embrace their human landscape, and discover the beauty of bringing your personality to read more

  • Monika Moravan Writing Services

    Monika Moravan is a freelance writer. She knows first hand the healing – and hurtful – impact words have. Her work has appeared in many publications, most recently The Toronto Star, Business Times and GoodLife Mississauga. She can work a hockey reference into just about anything.

  • BRENDA LEWIS, Jazz, Soul and Roots Vocalist

    “Jazz singer Brenda Lewis is the rare type of musician whose best instrument is herself. The woman has a voice that is both powerful and controlled and confirms that the best days of jazz – of Etta James performing at smoky New Orleans’ pubs – are not over.“

  • Yoga for Round Bodies™ Tiina Veer

    Where yoga meets your curves! Yoga classes and retreats offered with the round body in mind, with practices modified accordingly, in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. Online certification training now available for teachers.