Those Are Cool Pants

Sitting in the doctors office minding my own business, internally celebrating my non scale victory of the day. I fit in the office chairs with arms, not having the fear of taking the chair with me when I get up!

In walks a mother and her beautiful young daughter who was wearing these cute pink pants with a galaxy pattern on them. This very happy 7yr old girl plops down in the seat next to me with an enthusiastic “Hi!”. I return the greeting and add “I really like your pants, those are pretty cool.!”

The look of happiness leaves her face, she replies “These are my at home pants and I can only wear them when I’m out with my mom”. “Oh? I’d say those pants are for playing with your friends and having fun pants”. She looks up at me and says “I don’t have friends cause I’M FAT. I get laughed at and pushed at school when I wear them”.

You could have heard a pin drop in that waiting room, with everyone looking down at the floor. My heart sank, I was sitting here looking at this beautiful little girl, knowing exactly how she felt. I was that girl in my elementary school! Being teased cause of my size, being pushed, told that no one but my mom would ever like me.


I took a deep breath. “My name is Jodie, what is your name?” “Hailey”.

“You know what Hailey I have a pair of pants almost like yours”. There was a shocked look on her face, “You do?”

I grabbed my cell phone and showed her a picture of them. “Don’t people call you fat?”

“Why did you sit beside me Hailey? “Cause you have a cool purse and you looked nice”.

“But I’m fat”. “Yes” “But you still think I’m nice?” “Yes” “Well, not only am I nice, I’m smart, and some people think I’m funny”. “And you have a nice purse!” I chuckled and respond

“And yes I have a nice purse. Just cause I’m fat doesn’t say I’m a mean or a bad person. I wear my pants to the gym and on my bike. When there are people who say mean things, I know I have people who love me, and have a lot of nice people around me too. So I don’t have room in my life for people who are mean to others”.

She looks at me inquisitively and says “But they make me cry sometimes”.

“I cry too, but I laugh a lot too with my friends and my mom. I read a lot of books so I can be smart and know a lot of cool stuff so I can meet new people and make new friends”.

She hugs me and says “You’re smart!” Not letting me go in her death grip of a hug. “We’re friends now right?” She replies with great enthusiasm “Yes!” “Let’s make a pinky swear. Promise me you will always remember there are a lot of people who love you no matter what. And promise me you will always remember you’re a very special person. There is no one in the world who is like you Hailey”.

With a serious voice, but a huge smile on her face she says “I pinky swear promise!”

I look up and Hailey’s mom was standing there with tears in her eyes and mouths to me “Thank you!” I remember my mom would try and build me up when I would come home upset, bruised, and crying. But she was my mom, she had to tell me that right? This picture is for you Hailey!!

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