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Getting Healthy.. from 355 lbs and down! 06/13/11

Getting Healthy.. from 355 lbs and down!

By: Kandi

I have been overweight since I was 2 years old. I didn’t realize I was different from other kids until I reached 5th grade, which started a life long journey of failed yoyo diets.

I think I have tried everything to lose weight except for surgery.

Finally, at age 33, I found my nitch on how to lose weight.

I am 35 now and have lost 106 pounds. I plan to lose another 70 or 80 pounds.

 I do not want to be skinny, just healthy.

My top weight was 355 pounds.

I dont see myself on a diet, but rather, eating healthy for the rest of my life.

I began with following the Weight Watchers way of eating, but soon after started to really investigate food.

I eat everything wheat (never bleached), only spray butter and oils, splenda, if it has more then 5 grams of sugar I won’t touch it. All of my veggies and fruits are fresh or frozen. I don’t eat any fried foods only baked or grilled or broiled.  I also read the book “Skinny Bitch.

Drink lots of water and no soda.

I have recently become a vegetarian.

 Exercise is key. I will do 5 days of exercising - cardio, upper and lower body and core, (abs).

I feel so good!

I don’t have to use a seat belt extender on an airplane!

I am fitting on rides at amusement parks that I never could fit into before!

Also, I think is is important for me to tell you that even at my top weight of 355 pounds, I knew I was beautiful.

At my weight now, I know I am beautiful

When I lose my last 70 or 80 pounds, I will still be beautiful.

 I never let my weight or peoples cruel comments ever stop me from living a happy life.

 I love me.. then, now, and always :)

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YoYo May 8, 2012 Reply

I’m happy for you and you inspire me to lose 70-80 pounds so I can be healtier and proud of myself one day when I reach my goal weight. THANKS, Kandi

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