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Loving your BODY right NOW! 04/25/11

“I hate my Body”
“My Body is a Jail Cell”
“My Body Betrays me”

These are all recent comments women have made to me about their bodies. And these are troubling statements.

Let’s lay some groundwork..
If you are EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY healthy then your body is something that will organically strive to be well. The human body is built to renew and heal itself. It will fail in these attempts when we do not provide it with fundamentals of good health. That is: exercise, fresh air, nutrition, intellectual stimulation, emotional calm, positive social contribution and spiritual renewal. THESE the the CORNERSTONES of WELLNESS and your body needs them all to be nurtured to enjoy a healthy life. 

 So, what goes wrong?

Plus Size women frequently ‘separate’ themselves from their body, as if their body runs independently from the woman. The causes are many but ultimately it stems from a helplessness that women feel over CONTROLLING their body.

We can’t CONTROL our body. Just try to not blink when dust gets in your eye. You Can’t. Your body will do whatever it thinks it needs to do to heal itself. Bodies are just miraculous machines that somehow seem to have a survival spirit that just wants to LIVE. In spite of all the nasty things we do to our bodies it just keeps trying and fighting to get healthy. Our bodies want to be robust and strong! Our bodies have an innate intelligence that hungers for healthy living and a joyful existence. Crazy as it may sound, our bodies KNOW what we think of them and our bodies are not the problem…

We women, plus size particularly, need to begin LOVING the BODIES we have been blessed with.

Cherish them, Love them, Respect them.

We need to change the messaging we often have been programmed to believe. The industries that spew the messages that you are ugly, fat and need to be altered are destroying the self esteem and confidence of women. The number of young women struggling with eating disorders related diseases is on a steady incline, despite increased efforts to identify and assist victims.

Thin no more guarantees confidence and strong self esteem, than fat quarantees lack of the same.

Self confidence and self esteem do not have a size tag.

IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE in the way we talk about ourselves and our bodies.

How do these sound to you?

My body is strong and healthy.

I eat what my body needs to be fuelled for action.

I can do this.

My brain is active and hungry for information.

My breasts have fed/will feed my children.

My smile is warm and authentic.

My legs are strong and carry me wherever I want to go.

My lungs bring in the oxygen I need and keep my alive.

My heart, my glorious heart, needs exercise so I move my body to give it the strength to keep on pumping.

I have the strength and courage to be the woman I was born to be.

I am strong.

I am smart.


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