Big Girls Can’t Run-Ya Right!

By Jodie Caldwell

First off I’m the type of girl that as soon as you say I can’t do something, I will work my darn dist to prove people wrong. So when I showed interest that my cousin ran the Warrior Dash and I was told I’d probably not like it or finish it cause it’s tough…THE FIRE WAS IGNITED!

I suckered my friend/coworker to run the Warrior Dash with me. For those of you that don’t know what this is, The Warrior Dash is a 6km obstacle race that takes place at the Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort every July.


Now when I say run I mean jog and when I say jog mine is probably even slower than a speed walk. But damn it, I was determined! So all signed up and anxious for July, I was asked to do the “Miner’s Mayhem” which is a 5km obstacle race “smaller” than the Warrior Dash (they lied to me about the smaller part). HECK YA! As the day approached for my “warm up” race to the Warrior Dash I started second guessing my ability and whether I trained enough. Will people laugh at me? Will I die of a heart attack? What if I make a fool of myself? I literally made myself sick worrying about all this. The day came, everyone was so friendly and the energy of the atmosphere was so contagious. You know what? I made it!!! There was a lot of swearing as I had to climb the ski hill but everyone was so supportive and cheered me on. I Jodie Caldwell finished my first 5km obstacle race! Bring on the big guns now!

So the Warrior Dash Day approaches and the same fears pop into my head. This is a big race. People come from all over to do this race, what am I doing here? I got into the line up at the start, 300 people around me…all different shapes and sizes, all different athletic abilities. I turned to my friend and said we got this! There was a lot of up and down steep hills and obstacles I would have never thought I would be able to get this big butt of mine over. Again everyone was so supportive. I had one man whom I’ve never met put his hands on my butt and push me over one of the walls then looked at me and said keep going. Another time pulling myself up a steep hill with a rope I was ready to quit right there. I thought why am I doing this? Another fellow runner puts his hand on my back and says you’ve come this far when others in our heap quit, you can do this I will help you. I looked at him tears running down my face and all I could say was thank you. So through all the swearing, dehydration, and tears I DID IT!!!! I finished the race in 1hr and 15min…I wasn’t last! I felt so accomplished and felt I actually fit in at these events. I signed up for 3 more races and finished them all. The medals I got I hang proudly in my room so every morning I remind myself “I got this”.

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