FAT Women Fighting

When the only thing we have in common is being FAT.. how do we build a supportive, accepting community?



It seems to me that there are too many FAT women telling other FAT women that the way they choose to LIVE in their FAT bodies is WRONG?!

It is really disturbing that in this PLUS SIZE community of ours, with so much negative energy already directed towards us, that it is becoming harder and harder to find ‘safe’ places to chat, share and giggle.

When all that we may have in common is our size, it may be difficult to set aside political, religious or other deeply held beliefs to show support to each other.

But, in order to have a strong, positive, UNITED front then it is critical that we stand together – big, fat, solid, sisters – to fight the negative onslaught.
Squandering energy and pieces of our hearts and minds to battle within our own community is self defeating and very demoralizing.

Come on sisters, set aside the nonsense and find the space in your fight to allow us all to live our own happy, fat lives – and you live yours.




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