Embrace the Human Landscape

By: Michaela Helliwell

I love looking at myself naked in the mirror.

I do it every morning, and sometimes at night. That sleepy walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning. Jammies stripped and put away. I wander past the mirror in my bathroom. I always stop and look at myself.

I turn this way and that. I hold up my belly, soft from birthing 2 babies and disinterest in doing 30 sit ups a day. I turn around, and see my generous booty, and I think to myself, ‘its jiggly, but its not bad at all’. My breasts are not quite where they use to be, but I see their softness, reminding myself of the healthy children they nursed, and the enjoyment I get now from my sexy Soma bras (not to mention a few heads I can still turn). I hold my shoulders just so, to see the last hint of shoulder bones by my neck, feeling a little slimmer than I look. I see the extra things I have going on in my back. I straighten my shoulders with pride and watch them smooth out a bit.

For the record, I am 225 lbs and 5’6″. Not many women are comfortable sharing their weight, but i feel it is important. I’ll tell you why.

When I am reading some saucy tales of lust from a certain collection of subscribers stories, I often find the women are so unfair to the rest of us. I read things like “I am 5’9″ and I weight 105 lbs with a 35″ bust and a 34″ waist.“

Honey, unless you are as hollow as a puff pastry, there is no way on this earth your weight matches the rest of your dimensions. In the same book of collected tales, a man will offer a similar description “I am 6’1″ and I weight 190 lbs with a 35″ chest and an 8“….. ” you get the idea.

Why lie? I am speaking to the women of course. I think the men are quite honest about their weight, but maybe just a little exaggeration in the other department. Some men admit to their particular size, and seem perfect proud with what they have, flaunting other gifts they have to offer to make up for certain shortcomings.

I digress.

Women. Why lie? Why add to the horrible notion that women need to be lightweight and dainty? Why can a women with the same measurements as a man weigh 60 lbs less? I understand that muscle makes up a good amount of bulk, but we are talking basic physics here.

On a side note, I hate when people say “muscle weights more than fat”. A gym I use to work at told me to use that line if there were no results on the scale, but some on the measurements. People, people, people. Muscle does NOT weight more than fat. Muscle is DENSER than fat, and therefore takes up less space in our universe. Its up there with a pound of feathers weighs less than a pound of rocks. Think about it. A pound of feathers would fill my bathroom. A pound of rocks would fill my toothbrush tin.

Back on topic. Ladies (and boys, feel free to do the same), take some time and admire yourself in the mirror. Strip off all the undies and bras, and just admire yourself. See what your partner sees. Your partner loves every bit of you, and so should you. Embrace the extra bits if you are lucky enough to have them. Discover your belly button, admire your backside.

Embrace my fave moments from one of my heros, Gok Wan. Grab your delicious breasts, no matter how old or how round you are. Look yourself straight in the mirror and say “Who’s got the best tits in the world?”.

You already know the answer.



Michaela Helliwell is an artist, mother, and embraces all the world has to throw at her.


As a photographer, Michaela loves to show women how beautiful they are in spirit, skin and soul.  You can contact her at vm@velvetmae.com

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