What’s On Your Bucket List?

By Jodie Caldwell

I was in my pj’s eating popcorn, cuddled up with my two fur babies watching the movie “Bucket List”.

The Coles note version of this movie for any of you who have not seen it: A billionaire (Jack Nicholson) meets a working class mechanic (Morgan Freeman) in an oncology ward, both in the same room being treated for cancer. Morgan Freeman’s character started to write what he called a bucket list, things he wanted to do and experience before he met his maker. In his mind this was just a hypothetical list, but Jack Nicholson’s character had other plans.

I know…I know… it sounds like such a grim story.

bbwellness_bucket_listBut it’s actually a great story about friendship, doing things in your life we all put off, to laugh and find the joy in life.
Oh yes, the movie has it’s sad moments. But, it is a movie about life and death and just like every life it will come with some tears.
So I do recommend you have a box of tissues handy if you plan on watching it!

Anyway, the movie got me thinking…
What about all the things I have put on hold in my own life or opportunities I just said no to because I feared being teased due to my size, or felt ashamed of my weight? When I was younger I let body shame come between me and living my fullest life!

But not anymore.
I am thrilled that at 39 I finally love me!
I have more confidence now then I ever had.
The possibilities of what I can do are endless!
So I thought I would write my own Bucket List.
What does Jodie want to do without the fear my younger self let consume her.

1. Travel – Italy, Scotland, Greece, Ireland…..ok as much of the world as possible. I may need to keep buying those lottery tickets to help with this global adventure.
2. Swim with dolphins, stingrays, and sea turtles
3. Get back into Singing…besides in my basement and bathroom and for an audience a bit larger than my two dogs
4. Ride horses again
5. Rock climbing
6. White water rafting

I will probably keep adding to this list, but I WILL be stroking some of of them off my list too.

So what does your Bucket List look like?
Go ahead – write a list – even if it is hypothetical life works in mysterious ways sometimes.
Who knows, what was once hypothetical can become a reality one day!

Live BIG LIVES my Big Beautiful Wellness Family!

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